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Here, My Dear

Somebody once told me that Marvin Gaye named an album the same as the title of this post, after a divorce.  The story I was told was that he recorded it so that he could pay alimony, thus the title "Here, My Dear".  If it's true, I think that's pretty awesome.  I'm not going to do a search to try to verify the story.  Some things are better if left in the realm of myth.

So, this social life thing has been a bitch for my keeping up with updating.  No aplogies from me though.  It's important to occasionally talk to women; not just paint them naked.  Both are pleasurable activities, sure.  Each have their own set of frustrations and pitfalls, but it is important to maintain balance.

Acrylic 2 hour portrait
I've been floating around the idea that in order to attract more visitors to my site, I may need to write about something other than myself.  This site sometimes get 5k spiders a day, so it's being well indexed.  I think anyway.  So I need to type about more things of general interest to art folk.  Maybe the world at large.  Perhaps if I subtly work in keyword like "Michael Jackson autopsy results" or "Megan Fox nude" I'll get a lot more traffic.  I'm not sure exactly why that's a desirable thing, but it seems to be the thing to do if you have a website.

071609-3 After a couple of weeks of doing shitty paintings, one finally came out decent.  There isn't much resemblance between the model and the painting.  The model was actually really attractive and the painting is kinda puggish, but I think it has a mood.

071609-4 I did a couple of drawings of my roommate's dog.  I'm putting these up to prove to my friend Tiffanny that I do have a soul and can draw nice things.  Not everything I draw is demonically dark or has the foul stench of hetero-male sexual frustration.  Just everything but these two drawings of a dog.

So, I'm just gonna lay the rest of the stuff out here.  I've been doing some sci-fi sketches for a short comic book story I'm contemplating.  I also have a demonically dark photoshop painting to share.  So here it all is:


071609-8 071609-5 071609-2 071609-1

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