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Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

Naked People Extravaganza

That's right kids, it's time for another epic post of naked folk. I've had a fever, and the only aspirin is drawing naked people.

For some reason it's much easier to draw guy than girls. I compare it to pool. When you have wide open shot with lots of green between you and the ball you're trying to hit, it looks really easy, but I find I almost always miss those. It's the gritty shots where I'm trying to snake it in between other balls that I find I manage to sink it in the hole. Girls are just too smooth, there's no detail to latch onto. That's why I feel the drawings of guys are better than the ones of the girl.
020109-1 020109-2 020109-3 020109-4 020109-5 020109-6 020109-7 020109-8 020209-1 020209-2 020209-3 020209-4 020209-5

Here's a couple of other random things I had lying around I figured I might as well throw into this post.  The first is a photo manipulation of one of the figure drawings from above.  The other a digital painting.  I need to get a better digital camera because this one will only shoot 1600x1200 and that's really not high enough resolution if I wanted to do one of these manipulations for print.

020209-6 digital figure painting from photo reference

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