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Hey all, thought I'd drop in and make a quick post.  I've built up a backlog of paintings, so I'm gonna clear out some inventory.  Thanks for your patience, as I'm sure there are many of you who've been patiently hitting refresh since my last update.

First up, here's a couple of painting that I did a while ago, but never made it to the site.  Since they're good examples of what I can do when I take more than 15 minutes to do a painting, I thought I should put them up.

101310-1 Sample Gates IU Bloomington

I've done a couple more of those record paintings as well.  As with all of my projects, it has slowed down.  Somehow, staying home and working on stuff has become very difficult.

Audrey Hepburn 12 Aleister Crowley 12

I did a poster for Animalesque, a burlesque show that is happening this Friday.  I also have a couple of paintings that I donated to their silent auction.  The money is going to a charity, Love-A-Bull.  I seem to be opposed to doing art for money considering the lethargy with which I approach any sort of monetization.

101310-7 Burlesque figure painting for Animalesque auction Burlesque figure painting for Animalesque auction

And here's some recent AFG stuff.  I have several sessions worth of drawings that I haven't scanned as well.  I need a better workspace.

AFG 08-09-10 AFG 08-09-10 AFG 08-09-10 AFG 08-09-10 AFG 08-09-10 AFG 8-17-10 Afg 6-14 AFG 6-14 AFG 6-14 101310-2 101310-3 101310-4 101310-5 101310-6

And lastly, here's a flier for a show that never happened.

Bloodbath & Beyond

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