Thomas Britton

Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

Some year old 3D stuff

Here's some stuff I did in Maya a year ago when I was stumping for a job.  I didn't get a 3d job, I got a web job that probably pays better than any junior 3d position I would have gotten.  I'm just putting this stuff up as proof that I'm not lying when I say that I learned Maya.  The idea was that I modeled a throne room then gave it a "good" atmosphere and a "bad" atmosphere. So here it is, the project that killed my enthusiasm for doing 3d for the past year.

123007highShotFlat 123007lowShotFlat 123007chandelierFlat 122907lowShotWeb 122907highShotWeb 122907ChandelierWeb 123007lowShotEvil 123007highShotEvil 123007chandelierEvil

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