Thomas Britton

Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

It's finally done!

Self PortraitThis site,, is finally ready to launch! It took quite a while of picking at it and a long concerted effort this weekend, but it's finally in a working state. I've been a professional web-guy without a website for too long. There's still things here and there that bother me. I still need to get a sidebar that is consistent in the Art Gallery section. I need to figure out what I want all the pages to be and say, apart from the blog portion.

I should probably give some props to all the sources and references I found that helped when building this site. I build it based on the Starkers naked theme by Elliot Jay Stocks. Basically this is a theme that is stripped down to the database calls. You put in your HTML around the calls and it makes it quite quick to build a theme if you've already done a HTML/CSS layout. This post on Smashing Magazine is a good compendium of resources for Wordpress development. I probably used several of the tutorials linked from this page.

Probably the greatest help for this site was the Flickr Photo Album plugin. I was originally just looking for a way to do some random images in the sidebar. Then I saw that it could do galleries based on sets of images in Flickr. Then I saw the tagging. It is so cool that I can tag all my drawings and paintings and bring them up based on materials I used and subject matter, for example.

I'll update this site frequently with new drawings and paintings as well as more computer-centric stuff. So, if anybody who is not my mother happens to see this site, thanks for looking. And Mom, thanks for looking as well.

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