Thomas Britton

Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

Figure Drawing with Chartpak Markers

I have this pack of Chartpak markers that had been sitting around gathering dust for a few years, so I decided to take them to figure drawing tonight.  It took me a few drawings to start to get the hang of them.  I only like two drawing from tonight.  The rest are crap that I'm not going to put on the internet.

Our model tonight was the indefatigable Kelli Bland.  I always end up with good drawings when Kelli models. Here's a couple of past drawings, for example:

Kelli Circa 2008 Kelli circa 2009

Good lord, I just realized that the first drawing is almost exactly three years old.  Have I really been in Austin that long?  Have I really been doing weekly figure drawings that long? No wonder the portfolio I filled with paintings on paper weighs about 40 pounds.

Here's a couple from tonight, after I'd gotten used to the markers:

Kelli with Marker Kelli with Marker

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