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Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

Monday Night Drawings

102708-1 Hey all, Sundays and Mondays I go to figure drawing sessions. Today between work and the session I went to the art supply store. This time I got a demonstration of how incredibly unobservant I am. I stopped at an intersection for the length of a red stoplight. Behind me I saw a fire truck coming with sirens on. It pulled up and stopped right in front of me, blocking the lane. Across the street from me, on the corner, was a guy collapsed on the sidewalk. I sat there in my car for about a minute and didn't notice him. This wasn't a case where somebody sees a person who needs help and doesn't do anything, it was simply beneath my notice. So, if you're ever collapsed on the street somewhere and you see me driving by, it's not because I'm an asshole. I just didn't see you.

102708-2 Here are a couple of more drawings on toned paper. I think this work well for me. I basically do the same drawing I would do on white paper and then the white chalk is an extra step that really sets it off. I gotta find a toned sketchbook somewhere. You'd think they'd be more prevalent. I can't be the only person who wants one.

On an incredibly nerdy note, I saw a sketchbook there that advertised itself to be the same "Golden Ratio" as the Mona Lisa. Meaning the same height and width dimensions. What they must not realize, or care, is that the Mona Lisa was chopped down from it's original size at some point in it's history.

That's right, that's the kinda crap you have to look forward to from me. I can hear the browsers clicking closed as I post.

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