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More Figure Drawings and a Painting

Sunday after the Art Erotica I was back at the AVAA for the figure drawing.  This is where I learned some consider referring to an AIDS charity benefit as a "sausage fest" to be bad manners.  I still think it's funny.  I've also made a few tweaks to this website.  I installed the All In One SEO Pack plugin to optimize it for search engines as well as Statpress Reloaded to track my visitor statistics.  I check it far too many times a day.  I get all excited when I see a hit on my site from a Google Image search for "drippy paintings."  I also put up an icon for the RSS feed.  Because, evidently, people use them.

Charcoal Figure Drawing 042009-1 Charcoal Figure Drawing 042009-2 Charcoal Figure Drawing 042009-3 Charcoal Figure Drawing 042009-4

Monday I painted at the Austin Figurative Gallery.  Every third Monday we've started to do 2 hour poses instead of a bunch of 15 minute ones.  It's nice to have the extra time.  Here's the result.  It's an acrylic painting on a gessoed piece of plywood.

Austin Figurative Gallery 04-20-09

Next on the list for site tweaks, I need to figure out a way to encourage more comments and redo the galleries.

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