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Recent Figure Paintings

110809-1 Hey all,

This is the stuff that I've done over the past few weeks.  The figure stuff anyway.  I tend to keep the drawings of monsters and decapitations to myself in the confines of my sketchbook.  So today I went to the AVAA for the first time in a long while.  I guess I've had stuff to do on Sundays recently.  Or been hungover.  Maybe I've been praying.  Whatever the reason, it was nice to have an hour for the paintings, rather than the usual fifteen minutes. I did the sharpie underdrawing again because I was curious to see what it would look like with more time to develop the painting on top. I rather like how these two came out. Jamie, who is always excellent, was the model.

110809-2 Unfortunately my iPod shuffle died ten minutes into the painting session.  For the first part of the painting session I was subjected to some kinda Native American flute music.  For the second half I listened to half a dozen sixty year old women sing and hum along to the Forrest Gump soundtrack.  One of them would recount a memory of a song after each one.  They didn't seem to grasp that's why they were chosen for the soundtrack.  Maybe that's why I haven't been to the Sunday session there in a while.  It's full of people who have unironic memories of the music from their youth.

I have a few weeks worth of stuff to post.  So I'm gonna just dump it all here.

10-26-09-1 10-26-09-2 110809-3 110809-4 110809-5 110809-6 110809-7

I almost forgot about another bit of art I'm kinda proud of, my Halloween zombie makeup.  Wendy Sanders, a professional make up artist was kind enough to show me around a costume shop and make sure I got the good stuff.  So I put my paintings skills to the test and tried to make a realistic zombie costume this year.  I think it turned out well.  Nobody wanted to talk to me that night, so I guess it was effective.  Definitely gets the award for costume least likely to get laid in.

Halloween 2009 makeup

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