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Three Drawings, a Snake, and Disenfranchisment

110208-1 I found a toned sketchbook like I was talking about in my last post. I found it at Bookpeople, a big bookstore in Austin. Strange that I couldn't find anything like this in an art store, but it was at a bookstore. It's a bit too nice. It's bound and has a nice cover. It's a lot of pressure when I have a nice sketchbook not to put any shitty drawings in it. I should probably just do everything on a pad of legal paper. These are the first drawings in it.

I hadn't really intended to write so much on this website, but the images look so unbalanced without text. Please forgive my self-indulgence.

I voted on Thursday. Straight Democratic ticket, except for one where there was just a Republican and a Libertarian running. I went for the Libertarian. I think it was for a judge and I definitely want Libertarian judges. Anything goes! Hell, you could smoke in the courtroom of a Libertarian judge.

110208-2It was not without event. For some reason, I had to do a paper ballot. This was evidently very rare because they had no idea what to do. The poor woman who had to help me spend fifteen minutes dialing a phone number repeatedly to get directions. There was no call waiting and no redial button. Quite a line developed behind me.

I finally went to a booth to fill out the ballots while the woman stayed on the phone to sort out the paperwork and whatnot. The election judge was a bit of a dick. While she was on the phone still trying to sort out the mess I'd caused by arriving to vote, he told her to help the line that had formed behind me. She informed him that she still had to take care of the "paper ballot." This is how I was now known. "NO" he actually yelled at the woman, "I'll take care of the paper ballot." I don't know if this guy was a real judge or just some retiree volunteer when it's not election time. I'm guessing he was a real judge. A normal person would know it's just not right to yell at somebody when they volunteer their time to do some odious job like work an election. I guess he could've been a cop.

110208-3I filled out the ballot, put it in a orange bag and was assured that it would be counted. As long as any votes are actually counted, I believe that mine will be. I assume that I had to do the paper ballot because I've moved around so much recently. Obviously, drifters are up to no good.

I also saw a big snake while I was running this weekend on the trail behind my apartment. I don't know what type it was. It was the color of dirt. I wouldn't have seen it if it hadn't started slithering away from me. Even though I'd been running for 25 minutes already, I still managed to jump three feet in the air. Why's it always have to be snakes?

I'm working on a painting that should be done this week. I'll post it when I get it done.

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