Thomas Britton

Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

12 Pack Portraits


Here's a couple of portraits that I did today in the drawing session. To try something different I took in gouache and did paintings. They came out pretty well. I think they're my best painted portraits so far. I think the key is bristle brushes. I didn't have them last time I was painting with gouache, so I couldn't really scrub into the paint. If you look at the big versions of these, you'll see how scumbly they are.

I think I'll start taking paint to the session more often. What I need to do is devise an elegant way to get oil paint back and forth. It's a huge hassle to transport. By the way, these are called 12-pack paintings because they are painted on the cardboard from a 12 pack of cheap beer. Tecate and Lonestar, respectively.


I also picked up a vacuum today for $25 off Craigslist. I've not had a vacuum in the place that I've been in for four or five months. I'm trying to get my apartment cleaned to the point where it won't frighten women. Just in case. I feel a vacuum is an integral part of the plan.

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