Thomas Britton

Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

Austin Figurative Gallery

Huge 4 x 2 acrylic painting I went to the Austin Figurative Gallery to paint tonight.  They have a cool set up.  The front of it is the Blue Ocean Gallery, which shows beautiful hand-made furniture.  It's an old industrial space where in the front is the gallery and in the back is a complete woodworking workshop and painting studio.  They get models and the deal is quite a bit like the AVAA, put down five dollars and paint for a couple of hours.

Huge 4 x 2 acrylic painting The atmosphere is much better at the AFG as opposed to the AVAA.  There are no senior citizens or smooth jazz at the AFG.  A much younger and hipper crowd overall.  Still a sausage fest, however.  I'd think that art would be a fairly gender neutral pursuit.  But everywhere I go it's all dudes.  How the hell am I supposed to impress women with my skills when it's all guys?

031909-3 Amperesand donated some large boards to them, so my paintings tonight were 4" x 2".  That's feet, not inches.  I'm not used to painting that large at all.  Most of my paintings are done on gessoed 12 packs of beer.  They came out fairly well.  I was surprised.  I took a photo of the paintings next to a Billy bookcase from IKEA to give some context to show how big they are.  It looks like the price of the bookcase has gone up.  I think I only paid $20 for mine.

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