Thomas Britton

Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

Dr. Sketchy Watercolors

I took watercolors to the Dr Sketchy today.  The Dr Sketchy is where they get a burlesque dancer to pose in scandalous outfits and drinking is encouraged.  I never win the model's favorite drawing award.  The competition is stiff in this town.  Lots of game companies and animation studios, per capita.  I have it all planned out what to do if I win.  I'll offer to give it to them, tell them that I need to sign it and hand it over with my phone number written on it.  I believe that this would be a good way to inject some sleaze into what might have been a nice memory for them.

Here's the results of the Dr. Sketchy:

022209-1 022209-2 022209-3 022209-4

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