Thomas Britton

Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

Election Day Painting

110408-3 Obama won the election and I finished a painting. It's been a pretty good day for America. The painting doesn't have anything to do with the election. I started it before Halloween with the intention of painting something creepy. I think I succeeded. It was also an experiment with glazing. I started with a charcoal drawing and sprayed it with a matte fixative. The stuff really holds charcoal to canvas. It didn't mix with paint at all. The photos are actually really bad. The gray on the right had side is much more subtle and blends with the sienna much more nicely. I guess what are you gonna do with a hand-held 5-year old digital camera.

110408-2 It's dark and colorful. Bother were traits I was going for. I took some photos at various stages. I actually missed one between the first painted step and the finished. All that's left to do now is to brush a layer of galkyd over the surface when it dries to make it all shiny. That's the key to a good painting. Shininess.

110408-1 The first image is a quick charcoal drawing on the canvas. Took about an hour maybe. Establishes the values and the proportion. The second is a quick glazing of some color over the charcoal after it had been sprayed. Now we're missing a step where I went in with more opaque paint and covered the drawing. And the last image is the finished painting. Basically, it's another glaze to obscure the figure a bit and try to combine it with the background.

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