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Grocery Bag Paintings

So I started a new series of paintings.  They are called "Grocery Bag Paintings".  They are called this because they are done on grocery bags.  They are very similar to the "12 Pack Paintings."  The only difference is that the paintings are done on a grocery bag instead of cardboard from a 12 pack.  This has some advantages.  That the paintings are bigger is an advantage.  It's a more comfortable size to work, and after I throw them into a frame, obscuring the fact that it's a painting on a grocery bag, the bigger size affords a higher price.  That is, if I ever try to sell anything.

Another advantage is that if I go into a painting session with a bunch of grocery bags, as opposed to 12 packs, nobody feels the need to have an intervention.  Now, if anybody is considering an intervention, the answer is no, I don't need one.  Because only losers quit.

Sunday there were one hour poses at the AVAA.  I took the acrylics and one of the paintings turned out really nice.  I think it's the most successful painted portrait I've done so far.  I think the key was a fairly detailed under-drawing.  That's something that 15 minute paintings don't afford me.  Time for drawing.  Here's the painting big, because I like it.

Acrylic Drippy Painting 042609-2

The rest are from tonight at the AFG, except one that was done the same day as the portrait.  I don't like it as much so it goes on the slush pile with the rest of them.

Acrylic Drippy Painting 042609-1 042709-1 042709-2 042709-3 042709-4

This website is starting to look repetitive.  I think I need to spend some more time on something to make sure I haven't forgotten how to draw.

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