Thomas Britton

Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

More Drippy Paintings

I went to the AFG again tonight and took my acrylics.  I bought these several months ago.  It's an array of the cheapest paint that money can buy.  I forget why I bought a bunch of tubes of cheap acrylics originally, but they're coming in handy now.  They're much easier to transport than oils and I might even have better control with them.  It's kinda nice that they dry in a few minutes and you can work directly over the dried paint.  With oil I'm constantly working wet into wet, which I find harder.

In other news, I'm getting increasingly busy at work and I think there's an evil monkey in my closet who's trying to kill me.  Here are the paintings:

033009-1 033009-2 033009-3 033009-4 033009-5

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