Thomas Britton

Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

Paintings on 12 inch Record Album Covers

Greetings, fuck puppies.  It's been a while since I've posted anything.  But I've been feeling that continually posting the same figure drawing bullshit  has made the Google spiders weary of my website.  But now I've come up with something a bit different.  Last Sunday I was looking around Goodwill for a good canvas and frame combo to cannibalize, but I wasn't finding anything.  But what I did find was their stash of 99 cent records.  I was already in the mind to look for a painting that I could sacrifice for my own feeble attempts at art.  When I saw the records, an incandescent flash bulb burst inside my head and I realized, "Hey, there's some art I can steal."

I gathered up a collection of the cheesiest Christian folk album covers that I could find to incorporate into my painting.  There were some true gems.  One album was by a band called "Four Jacks and a Jill", who were apparently a South African folk act from the late 60's.  Another record I picked up was an album by "The Singing Christians".  They appear to be a Texan gospel group from the 70's.  The crown jewel might be the "Sentimental Sing-Along with Mitch" which featured a bright pink album cover and a photo of a man who appears that he might be a direct ancestor of Bat Boy.

When I got home, I had to consider my audience.  What do my fans enjoy?  Who are my fans, besides my Mother?  She gets paintings for free, so I don't have to consider her market influence.  My fans are most likely slope-headed mouth-breathing failed cloning experiments, just as I am.  Therefore, what would I like to see painting on old 12" records?  The answer is political and cultural icons in high contrast.  This is what the public needs, and this is what I will deliver.  Here is what I've done in the past week.  Expect more, I'm planning to do 12 of them and see if some place in town would like to hang them on a wall.

Pee-wee Herman 12 RFK 12 Winston Churchill 12 Rita Hayworth 12

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