Thomas Britton

Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

Digital Master Copies

Bougoureau Copy Here's a couple of digital master copies that I've done the last two nights. I worked on these probably a couple of hours each. These are all photoshop, looking at the paintings for reference. The first is a Bougoureau, the second Michelangelo. These are great practice. I feel like they're major steps forward in my handling of the wacom. I didn't get as far along with the second as I would have liked. For some reason it was taking longer than the other.

Michelangelo Copy I did a master copy of a Vermeer in college. It was the first oil painting that I did that I thought was decent. It wasn't, of course, just much better than what I had been doing. You learn a lot about how to depict form by doing these. You see how they handled. Looking just doesn't do it. The only way to learn is by hand.

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