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The Last of the 12 Pack Paintings

Submitted for your approval, the last of the 12 pack paintings.  These may not be the last, but I haven't been buying beer since Thanksgiving.  Only because of the calories.  Nothing to do with the stigma of drinking alone in my apartment.  If I was a thin guy I'd have no problem with drinking alone.  It's just the extra 700 or so calories a day catches up with me.  So, until I go on another drinking bender these are the last of the 12 pack paintings.

Not to worry though, I'm not going to start using real materials or anything.  I found that a gessoed plywood board makes a nice surface for painting.  Since I don't mind some texture in my paintings, it's perfectly good for cheap.  A nice big pricy canvas is for old lady hobbyists who make a painting every three months.  Not somebody who does six paintings every Monday night.

In other news, I'm painting Saturday night at the Art Erotica.  Should be interesting, I'm not sure what the setup is going to be.  I don't know if it's going to be one long pose or a bunch of short ones.  A long one would nice, since it's in front of a crowd it would be nice to be pull off something decent.

Here's the video from last year's event:

Here's Monday's paintings:

041609-5 041609-4 041609-3 041609-2 041609-1

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