Thomas Britton

Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

Holiday Paintings Plus More

Tex Mex Still Life with a Skull and Flowers I did a few paintings this Christmas as presents.  I did one for each of my roommates, and one for my parents.  I naturally waited until the week before leaving for my trip back to Indiana before starting these paintings.  I did three paintings in three days the week before Christmas.  The one for my parents was done on a 16x24 hardboard.  I stole a few idea from looking around the East Side Studio Tour and the 12x12 Box Art Show and started masking a border around my paintings.  It makes them look a lot more complete without a frame.

The paintings that I did for the roommates were both 24x24 with a 4 inch border done on 3/4 inch plywood.  I lifted that directly from something I saw on the studio tour.

011010-1 011010-7

011010-5 I also participated in the Austin Figurative Gallery Winter Opening Show.  I have several paintings hanging up at the USAA.  During the show we did a live painting demo.  It's always fun to paint in front of a crowd.  Usually it's done alone.  We did four fifteen minute poses of models in costumes.  We got my favorite models, Drea and Waverly for the special event.  I asked them for space outfits, and they delivered with some great outfits.

It seemed to go well.  Spiderhouse opened the bar in the USAA so we had drinks available.  The music was excellent and we had a good amount of art up in the place, including some incredible photographs by a guy named George.  Unfortunately hte rest of his name eludes me.

011010-2 011010-4 011010-3

I just finished a painting of a street scene of Austin.  This is East 6th Street, somewhere around Rio Rita.


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