Thomas Britton

Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

Monday Night Figure Drawing

It's been quite a week of art.  Two figure sessions, a still life, and I have painting on the easel.  Feel good, like I'm not being a drunken lout with all of my spare time.  Although nothing prevents me from being a drunken lout while making art.  Here's a batch of watercolor figure painting from tonight at the AFG.  I think our model tonight was Rose McGowan.  As always, the prettier the girl, the shittier the drawing.  Ok, that's not always the rule.  There are some people's features that I just seem to get and be able to do a good job of drawing every time.  This was not one of those people.

Oh, and I see a search hit in my website stats for "Tom Britton watercolor prints". Encouraging? A fluke? It turns out that watercolors scan well, unlike oil painting. Watercolor prints would be pretty easy to do, no photography studio involved.

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