Thomas Britton

Artist/Coder, Austin, TX

Watercolors: Not Just For Old Ladies Anymore

I really didn't like watercolors for a long time.  When I was younger and hated the brush, watercolors were the most uncontrollable mediums.  They also have the old lady painting mystique.  I'd never seen anything done in watercolor that wasn't a landscape, a pet, or a really bad portrait of a child.  I thought watercolors lent themselves to that sort of painting.  But after becoming aware of Sargent's absolutely gorgeous watercolors and the influence of my artist friend Tiffanny Varga, I decided to investigate.  It turns out, like many things I'd dismissed in my youth such as au gratin potatoes and broccoli, I've developed an appreciation for them.  I've taken them to a few figure drawing sessions lately and I like the results.  The latest was today.  They're the most finished ones here because I had an hour instead of 15 minutes.

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